Monem Business District

MBD pic edited
Combining design and utility, synergizing efficiency and effectiveness, symbolizingstatus and strength Monem Business District is currently a grand illustration of architectural excellence. MBD is the corporate head office of the entire group as a whole and is situated in Karwan Bazar, one of the prime locations of the capital city of Dhaka. MBD is a T-shaped structure, which happens to be the strongest structure among buildings. It is a 14 Storied glass cladding and ACP panel building which has 4 underground basements with 6,05,000 sq. ft of total floor area.


  •  Central air conditioning controlled by sophisticated BMS (Building Management System) for energy efficiency and extended life time of equipment
  •  High performance laminated, reflective safety glass curtain to reduce heat gain and loss
  •  Pressurized plumbing with Flush Valve System
  • Advanced electrical system
  •  Fire fighting System following international standards
  •  Use of the best consultants in the country regarding the technicalities of the building, also ensuring maximum quality and value
  • Full backup power through its sophisticated BMS
  • Further details along with more concrete information about MBD are provided in our DOWNLOADS section for further reading

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