Igloo Dairy Limited

Welcome to Igloo Dairy Limited

Igloo Dairy Milk was established on 31 August 2004 with the aim to maintain the production capacity of Igloo Ice Cream as well as meet some market demand for pasteurized milk. With the increase of per capita milk consumption and the need for nutritional value in national diet, milk production and availability has been growing incrementally. In this business scenario, Igloo Dairy has built the capacity to 14,000 liters per day from the initial 5,000 liters. We envisage the production of skimmed milk powder, UHT, FCMP, Functional Milk, Cheese and Butter in international standard specifications and packaging.

Our milk collection center is situated in Baghabari, Sirajgonj and milk processing factory is located in Shyampur, Narayangonj.

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