Danish Bangla Emulsion Ltd

Danish Bangla Emulsion Limited (DBEL) is a joint venture company between Abdul Monem Limited and ENH Engineering A/S, Denmark.
DBEL has been producing bitumen emulsion of international standards by a fully automated plant for the construction of road and airfield pavement work. The products are used under different departments of the Government of Bangladesh like RHD-Roads & Highways Department, CAAB-Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, LGED-Local Government Engineering Department and the Municipal Corporations meeting their specification requirements will full satisfaction of the consultants and engineers of the concerned agencies.
Using advanced technology, DBEL meets the stringent national and international specifications with prescribed quality assurance procedure.
The advantages of bitumen emulsion over traditional cut back bitumen are:

  • No requirement for heating saves labor and fuel costs.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Superior quality and durability, compared to price.
  • Enhances work speed as curing period is lesser, thereby reducing time of project completion.
  • No wastage during work, easy to use.
  • Appropriate for all weather use, can be used on damp surface in rainy season.
  • Offers good working conditions for laborers
  • Reduces fire hazard
  • No requirement of pre-coating of stone chips for DBS! SBST
  • Use in slurry seal to renovate concrete/bituminous surface
  • Reduce the consumption of fuel

Opportunities of DBEL

1. Has the provision of Bitumen Emulsion in the Specification of RHD, LGED
2. Road construction projects on the rise
3. Road maintenance will rise to 80%
4. Recycling of pavement works introduced
5. Is being used in the projects of Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB)

Quality assurance of DBEL

1. Full-fledged laboratory
2. Routine tests in every batch of production
3. Expatriate Lab Engineer

Benefits to Bangladesh for DBEL

(1) The directly quantifiable development benefits:
New Employment: 35 persons
Foreign Exchange Earnings/Savings: US$ 2mn (BDT l20mn) per annum

(2) The non-quantifiable development results:
The environmental (external and working) improvement in DBEL provides the right kind of examples for foreign agencies to exert influence on the rest of the production industry in Bangladesh to conform to at least the national standards to start with.

(3) Demonstration effect:
DBEL has built the confidence both in Bangladesh and the global community that a least developing country like Bangladesh, given the appropriate training and technical assistance, is able to produce bitumen emulsion conforming to the specification requirements of international standards. DBEL moves up the value ladder to translate into better wages and working conditions for the workers.

(4) Spin-off benefits:
DBEL offers benefit to the construction industry of Bangladesh in road and airport pavement sector by giving them access to the Bitumen Emulsion technology that is the only acceptable standard in Scandinavian Countries, to provide the benefit of lower costs, durability and environmental friendliness. DBEL is expected to have a positive impact on the improvement of quality of asphalt works in Bangladesh.