CSR Initiatives


Abdul Monem Limited is a firm believer of community development and that citizenship contribution to their communities and nation is vital. In this spirit, Abdul Monem Foundation was set up as the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) wing with a view of endowing various charitable causes for the benefit of the society in general, and especially for the less privileged for their education, healthcare and other amenities.

AM Foundation has donated 52 acres of land in Bijeshwar of Brahmanbaria, the highest patch of land donated for CSR purpose in the country. The area consists of a school (…..students passed out &700 enrolled), a college (……students passed out &734 enrolled), a madrasha – religious institute (……students passed out & 450 enrolled) with free education. AM Foundation is also running an orphanage with 3000 orphans are looked after with due sympathy, care and compassion. The area has a mosque and a large pond as a water utility service.

Some of the other areas of involvement by AM Foundation are; AM Foundation distributes relief amongst flood or any other type of disaster affected people, as and when the country has faced national calamities or disasters. Relief was distributed in the year 1988, 1998, 2001 and 2007. The AML management mobilizes all resources to have AM Foundation in the frontline to support in any such crisis. AM Foundation provides free drinking water amongst drought stricken people or during hot spells to provide immediate relief to people. AML as a CSR effort provided all the recovery equipment to the ‘Bangladesh Army Salvage Operation’ in the building collapse of Spectra Garments in 2005. The poor, destitute and those in need are provided meals periodically or during religious occasions.AML plans to reach 50,000 poor and needy mothers (both pregnant and lactating) in the next five years through its nutrition awareness program. AML also pledges to provide eight types of vitamins free of cost to 50,000 pregnant mothers in the next five years. AML encourage employees to plant a tree every month for a Green and safe Environment. AML has always responded to the nations crisis and provided most of the recovery equipment to the ‘Bangladesh Army Salvage Operation’ in the building collapse of Spectra Garments in 2005 and also Rana Plaza tragedy in recent times.“HANDS TO CHILDREN” a initiative to fight malnutrition in children and build a brighter future.