Kalna_Contract Signing (Small)


Tekken Corporation (Japan) – Abdul Monem Ltd. (Bangladesh) – Yokogawa Bridge Corp. (Japan) JV has Signed Contract Agreement with Roads and Highways Department for the Construction of 4-lane Kalna Bridge (Nielsen Lohse Arch type) on AH1 along with construction of 4.5 km access road and installation of toll collection system with toll both, Contract Package No.: A1 of amount BDT 9,598,459,906.92 (BDT 4,107,608,964.94 + JPY 1,697,809,765.27 + USD 52,462,510.12) on 24 June 2018. The project is jointly financed by the Government of Bangladesh and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).The bridge is 690m long having 150m long symbolic landscape with arch and cable shape (Nielsen Lohse Arch type) span. The project completion time is on 2021.