AM Mango Pulp Processing Unit

Welcome to AM Mango Pulp Processing Unit

The Government of Bangladesh is encouraging both local and foreign investors to establish agro industries based on local agro produce. Some of these, namely tomatoes, mangoes, pineapples, etc. are available for a short period of time and huge quantity gets destroyed for lack of appropriate preservation and processing. Furthermore, the producer doesn’t get the commercial price of the produce, discouraging them to move to other means of livelihood.
To make a positive impact in this sector, AM Mango Pulp Processing Unit was established in the year of 2000 and it went for commercial production in the year of 2005.(Factory: Igloo Foods Ltd, Mango Pulp Processing Unit, BSCIC Industrial Area, Chapainawabganj). With the modern production machineries and Standard Operating Procedure for maintaining quality, employee safety and clean environment are in application in both production and storage functions.

Benefits to the society & environment:
1. We consume on an average 2000 Ton mango per season from Chapainawabganj. Farmers are benefited due to proper utilization of their main agro product at right price.
2. Skin and fiber generated in the production process is used for cattle feed and fertilizer, and stone used for domestic fuel for cooking.
3. Around 100 local workers are involved during production period which is a major source of employment for them.

ISO Compliance:
The food safety management system of the Mango Pulp processing unit of Igloo Foods Ltd. is certified under ISO 22000:2005 by BSTI.