Abdul Monem Limited, ranked as one of the top leading company worldwide after dominating Bangladeshi Market over a decade. A.S.M. Mohiuddin Monem, Deputy Managing Director of Abdul Monem Limited and the Chairman of ServicEngine BPO, received the award as “ World’s Greatest Leader 2018-2019” and G.M Kamrul Hasan, Group CEO of Igloo, received the award as, “ World’s Greatest CEO 2018 -2019 by URS-Asia One magazine. They picked out the hundred top leaders and CEO from all over the world. Igloo, the proud concern of Abdul Monem Limited, received the award as, “World’s Greatest Brand 2018-2019. Igloo Ice cream is crowned as the greatest brand in Dairy Category of FMCG Market. The award ceremony was held on 1st May, 2019 at J. W Marriot Hotel, Dubai. AsiaOne Magazine, is a magazine which featured news under GCC- region, all over the Asia. This year for the fifth time they arranged, “World’s Greatest Brand and Leaders Award.” They took out a survey around the larger part of Asia under 16 category.