How We Work

Discovery: The implementation manager will work to meet the clients’ goals and company’s new employee manual will be developed to tailor with the company’s needs.

Planning and Rescheduling: ServicEngine will have clear and matched goals with its clients and they will help its clients measure both long and short term success. It is also their goal to deliver quality work in a timely manner.

Execution: ServicEngine BPO’S team operates as an extension to the clients businesses and it is their job to find the right people for their clients’ companies and measure their respective KPI (Key Performance Indicator) accordingly.

Controlling and monitoring: Employees will be closely monitored to ensure quality rather than quantity in order to increase productivity and value of the company as a whole.

Delivery: The U.S.A. based client manager will work with the clients to deliver status updates, continuous improvement suggestions, reporting, etc and ensure whether the clients’ goals are met with the needed standards and also recommend any further improvement to enhance quality and efficiency of the clients’ respective company.