About Us

Bangladeshi co-founder ASM Mohiuddin Monem and American co-founder Matt Kochan founded SEBPO, formerly known as ServicEngine, on April 26, 2006. Together, they understood that fostering a culture of collaboration, deliberate growth, and employee focus would ultimately lead to shared success. Their principal directive, to improve the quality of life for all our employees, still fuels all of our decisions today.

SEBPO has been a leading global outsourcing partner for nearly two decades to many of the world’s most prominent advertising, media, and technology companies. With delivery centers based in Bangladesh and El Salvador, SEBPO is more than a task-oriented outsourcer; instead, we partner with businesses to truly understand and optimize processes so our clients can scale, save, and succeed. SEBPO Teams handle our clients’ time-consuming, back-end tasks so they can focus on their most mission-critical operations.

Our Services

The SEBPO Team understands where our clients are coming from; with a wealth of industry experience and decades of collective knowledge, SEBPO makes the perfect trusted partners and advisors for our clients. Each of SEBPO’s capabilities can be divided into five essential areas.

Ad Operations

A SEBPO Ad Operations Team can be leveraged to add bandwidth to your internal teams, maintain low operating costs, maximize output, and provide scalability. With an accuracy percentage of 99.90% and SLA Achievement percentage of 99.78%, SEBPO Ad Operations Teams are certified experts in most major platforms and can easily onboard and integrate into your teams, empowering your company to reach new levels of growth.

Creative Services

Comprised of world-class designers and developers, a SEBPO Creative Services Team provides access to more bandwidth and the ability to accomplish a high volume of creative tasks. Able to operate 24/7/365, SEBPO’s dedicated and flexible creative team can help reduce turnaround times while adapting to any platform and streamlining processes.

Data Solutions

SEBPO experts are well-educated in risk, compliance, and data analytics, providing you with insights you can trust. With an accuracy rating of 99.37%, your business can successfully leverage a SEBPO Data Solutions Team to aggregate and analyze data, gain valuable insight, meet project deadlines reliably, move data quickly, and scale teams easily.

Media Planning

Working as an extension of your team, SEBPO’s Media Planning Team empowers you to create campaigns based on data and insights, give your advertising campaigns a strategic edge, and gain a deeper understanding of the media planning landscape. With a SEBPO Media Planning Team, your business can create customized media pricing plans, manage media buys, organize ad specifications, provide audience insights, and more.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance requires a great deal of attention and bandwidth that can quickly overtake more client-facing tasks, which is why implementing a SEBPO Team to handle QA will increase your business’ efficiency. A SEBPO QA Team can be leveraged to add bandwidth to internal teams, access cost-saving testing measures, increase production output, maximize profitability, and provide scalability.

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SEBPO in Bangladesh

SEBPO is proud to be recognized as one of the largest employers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, significantly expanding employment opportunities for the highly skilled people that make up the Bangladeshi workforce. Since its inception, SEBPO’s presence has grown from teams of five to over a thousand employees who all possess a college degree or higher. Founded in the spirit of impact sourcing and bettering the lives of the individual employee, SEBPO strives to cultivate its talent through robust training and career development programs that open opportunities for solid career growth and promotions within. Additionally, SEBPO offers Bangladeshi professionals a generous package of benefits, including competitive salaries, overtime pay, promotions within, free meals and snacks, and more.

Placing a strong emphasis on equal employment opportunities, SEBPO strives to accommodate religious, cultural, and governmental norms that restrict work for women by hiring them for shifts before dark. With 20% of Bangladeshi employees identifying as female, SEBPO has become the leading employer of women in Bangladesh with over half occupying leadership positions.

Bangladeshi employees are assets to the SEBPO Team. Their platform-agnostic skills and expertise have contributed to the great deal of growth SEBPO has experienced over the past few years, and our accuracy ratings of 99% and above prove it.

SEBPO Corporate Social Responsibility in Bangladesh

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an integral role in how SEBPO conducts business and serves clients. We strive to foster community involvement by encouraging employees to participate in their local community actively and regularly, and we support their efforts with company funds and resources. At SEBPO, we partner with local organizations to provide direction and guidance to help those most in need. We find that this brings the greatest impact to our community endeavors. SEBPO has participated in initiatives to assist children with terminal cancer, as well as families affected by severe flooding near Bangladesh.

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