IGLOO EGO is back with CRAVING

EGO, form the house of IGLOO, is back once again with craving to make the dreams of chocolate lovers come true. More chocolate layers make ice-creams more delicious. With its three separate chocolate layers coming together to give one sensational taste, EGO gives consumers the ultimate chocolate experience and making it irresistible.

EGO is more than an ice-cream. It’s an incomparable experience with a new fusion of chocolate in every single bite. No other product in the market offers such a distinctive taste to ice-cream lovers. The first layer, to tease the taste buds is the choco-crispy granule layer an irresistible combination with chocolate. The sweetness of the chocolate along with the crunch of granule elevates one’s craving to have another bite. The next layer of dark chocolate ice-cream takes one into the world of pure chocolate pleasure to the most elusive inner layer of imported SWISS NOUGUT. This spectacular nougat made with Scandinavian nuts- Almond, Hazel nut, Macadamia and Pecan explodes in one’s mouth giving the perfect climax to your chocolate bliss.

EGO’s unique taste of pure chocolate goodness will undoubtedly create its unique place in the hearts of all the chocolate lovers across Bangladesh. It’s time to have an Ego and lose oneself in the chocolate bliss.

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