Igloo Foods Ltd

Igloo Foods Limited is a manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, brand name food and potato products for consumers throughout Bangladesh.

Igloo Foods is built on the principle to mileage the existing reputation for delivering quality products. The company has a strong logistical fleet and manpower to ensure the distribution of the products across the marketplace. There are regional offices, warehouses and depots at different strategic points accompanied by a large transport pool to facilitate the trade.

Igloo Foods consistently makes significant investment in marketing to support out the brands. Marketing investment enhances the consumer awareness and enhances the brand preference, leading to long term growth in volume. We heighten product appeal using integrated marketing programs through our relationships with distributors and retailers on a sustainable basis.

Our food products are sold through retailers, food service and corporate clients.

Igloo Foods Limited operates with 3 business wings, frozen food distribution, frozen food manufacturing, ethnic and snack food production.

  1. Frozen food distribution

    Igloo Foods Limited represents ConAgra Foods of the U.S.A for Lambweston potato produce – french fries, potato wedges, curly fries, criss cut, hash browns, etc. and is the premier distributor of this top-quality product to the food service industry throughout Bangladesh.

  2. Frozen food manufacturing

    Igloo Foods Limited is getting engaged in the manufacture and export of frozen and processed ethnic and fast food items.

  3. Ethnic & snack food production

    Igloo Foods Limited is a leading manufacturer and distributor of snack-foods, supplying branded and private label products to customers in Bangladesh and exploring export markets. The brands are FOODY and Nature Fresh.

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