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Igloo is the most popular impulse and take-home ice cream of Bangladesh. Equipped with the most modern machinery, skilled human resources and using only the best ingredients Igloo never compromises on quality and taste. The ice cream range is growing day by day and Igloo continues to lead the top of the mind awareness among consumers.
Igloo ice cream is available in more than 20,000 retail outlets across the country as well as in supermarkets, hypermarkets and has a large number of corporate customers.

Recently Igloo has been voted to be the No. 1 Ice Cream Brand by the Bangladesh Brand Forum.

Igloo Ice-cream Range

Item(s) Product Volume(ml)
Stick-Regular Chocbar 70
Mini Choc 65
Mini Max 70
Badami Bar 70
Shell & Core 58
Lolly-orange/lemon 58
Dudh Malai 50
Stick-Premium Mega 82
Malai 82
Cup Range Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry/Mango 100
Snowball/Football 100
Mango Magic 125
Pista Kulfi/Firni 100
Single Sundae 120
Cone Range Cornelli Classic 100
Cornelli Premium 100
Cornelli Belgian Chocolate 100
½ Litre Family Pack Vanilla/Strawberry/Chocolate/Mango 500
Special Shahi Kulfi 500
Phal Bahari 500
Nawabi Mithai 500
Lite Vanilla 500
1 Litre Family Pack Vanilla/Strawberry/Chocolate/Mango 1000
Firni 1000
Nawabi Mithai 1000
Ripple 1000
1 Litre Premium Double Sundae Caramel Combo 1000
Strawberry Sparkle 1000
Mango Melody 1000
Pista Passion 1000
Chocolate Cheers 1000
2 Litre Family pack Vanilla/Strawberry/Chocolate/Mango 2000
5 Litre Pack(Bulk) Vanilla/Strawberry/Chocolate/Mango 5000
Ripple 5000
Pistachio 5000
Icecream Cake 1 Litre Ripple Cake 1000
1.5 Litre Ripple Cake 1500
1.75 Litre Ripple Cake 1750
Snack Sandwich 65