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What is Rice Fortification?

Rice fortification is the practice of increasing the content of essential micronutrients in rice and to improve the nutritional quality of the rice.


Why Rice Fortification?

• Rice is the world’s most important staple food.
• An estimated 2 billion people eat rice every day, forming the mainstay of diets across large of Asia and Africa.
• Historians have found evidence of rice being eaten in parts of china some 8,000 years ego and it even has the same word as “food” in Chinese. In Bangladesh, home of 160 million people, rice is the main stable food with a daily average consumption of 416 grams per capita.
• Regular milled rice is low in micronutrients and serves primarily as a source of carbohydrate only. The fortification of rice is a major opportunity to improve nutrition.
• Our fortified rice are contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Iron and Zinc.
• Many Micronutrients are removed due to multi-level milling process which can be restored through fortification.

• Fortified rice is similar to normal rice in taste and color.
• The cooking process of fortified rice is similar to the normal rice. Fortified rice should not be cooked in excess water; water should be measured before adding to the rice, so that all of the water will be absorbed while cooking.
• Fortified rice should be stored in dry place and kept away from direct sun light like normal rice.

Rice Fortification in Bangladesh

• Widespread micronutrient deficiency, especially amongst adolescents, girls and women, is a key factor in the persistence of under nutrition in Bangladesh.
• Fortified rice delivers essential vitamins and minerals missing in many peoples’ meals and can help them get the nutrition they need for an active and healthy life, boosting both this generation and the next.
• Rice Fortification is one of the most practical and cost effective ways to counter micronutrient deficiency among a large group of people, because rice is the main staple food and consumed substantial quantity every day.
• People buy rice to meet their demand for staple food, so adopting fortified rice is not challenging since it does not mean change food intake or buying habit.

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Core Benefit of Fortified Rice

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• Iron increase productivity and cognition. It also helps to reduce anemia.
• Zinc increase growth and immunity.
• Folate decreases risks of neural tube defect in new-born babies.
• Vitamin A plays a vital role in prevention of night blindness and other eye problems, reproduction and the immune system. It contributes to better child growth.
• Vitamin B1 helps to digest food, extract food energy and improves the memory.
• Vitamin B12 helps in cell reproduction and constant renewal of the skin.

Fortified Rice Project by Igloo Foods Limited

• With the technical support and guidance from DSM, the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) and cooperation from different ministries of Bangladesh Government, this initiative will bring significant change to the nutritional status of the resource poor people in Bangladesh.
• This initiative is aligned with the National Food Policy, Millennium Development Goals and Food Security policies as well as accommodating Business and Corporate Social Responsibilities in the same page.
• We at Abdul Monem Ltd. Are leader in what we do and focus on. We have efficient supply chains, with experience of international Work orders. We take pride in our reputation of timely project completion through our professionally qualified team and we are highly compliant with various global standards.


1. Successfully supplied 42 MT of fortified rice kernel to DG Food Bangladesh
2. Supplying fortified rice for lunch program of Columbia garments on monthly basis
3. Supplying fortified rice kernel to various rice millers across the country
4. Retail pack for the general consumers to be launched this year etc.