Dr. Farhana Monem, Director of Abdul Monem Ltd. and Chairman of GME Group has been honored with the Best Women Tax Payer Award by Bangladesh government for five consecutive years. She cordially appreciates the initiative taken by the government and believes that this initiative will encourage tax payment in institutional and individual levels.

If the scope of income tax fair and other tax service activities are widened and the tax rates are reduced then people will be more encouraged to submit their returns and that will ultimately increase the total tax revenue of the government, she says. Farhana Monem completely believes that culture of income tax payment can lead to further development of the country.

Dr. Farhana Monem is the youngest daughter of famous industrialist Late Abdul Monem. Currently she is successfully looking after the businesses of ABDUL MONEM LIMITED which includes IGLOO ICE CREAM, IGLOO FOODS & CONSTRUCTION after the death of her father on May 31st, 2020. Ms. Monem is well aligned with the dream of her late father & she is working tirelessly to realize her late father’s dream.