AML – Our Strength


Our strength is the commitment to national advancement, development of new products and services, enhancement of employees’ leadership quality that leads them to operate more efficiently than others, and increased productivity and profitability by achieving multiple strategic targets. All our endeavors and efforts are focused towards the betterment of the people, society and nation; as such towards quality progress and sustainable development.

How we differentiate ourselves?

 We possess:

  • More than 10,000 work force
  • Multifunctional teams comprising of highly experienced professionals
  • Highest aggregate experience in construction industry
  • Largest fleet of construction industry equipment
  • Backward linkage: Own production of auto-bricks, bitumen emulsion & asphalt ready-mix concrete
  • Possession of huge chunk of land in strategic locations of the country
  • 18 fully functional operation units, each having major shareholding in the concerned business sector
  • Number One Ice-cream brand-Igloo, Bottling of a renowned global brand like Coca-cola, placing within Top 100 global BPO companies by IAOP
  • Most extensive distribution network (100,000 outlets) in FMCG industry with the widest cold chain system
  • Abilities to deal out goods and services in the farthest and remotest territories of Bangladesh etc.