AM Securities & Financial Services Ltd 


  1. Brokerage Service

    We provide a fully integrated front-to-back solution for alternative and traditional investment managers. Thirteen years of prime brokerage experience has taught us that excellent client-service is non-negotiable. All of our clients benefit from our high-touch presence without forgoing the advantages of a truly global bank: global trading capabilities, a strong balance sheet, diversified revenue sources, and a resilient credit rating. With Truly innovative, we focus on quickly adapting its offerings to market developments, devoted structuring group, award-winning derivatives expertise, and a lot of thought put into the ‘where next’.

    AMSFSL offers hedge funds the ability to consolidate their securities positions, trading activity, reporting needs and financing in a single location within a single account.

    AMSFSL Brokerage Services Include:

    • Execution services – routing and algorithms
    • Settlement services
    • Securities lending
    • An array of reporting options, including customized reports and data extracts
    • Financing services
    • Foreign currency execution and settlement capacity
    • Web-based daily account information
    • Notification of corporate actions
    • Personalized service for each prime brokerage account
    • Leading edge trading technology
    • Portfolio margining capabilities
  2. CDBL Services

    Open Beneficiary Owner (BO) Account.

    • BO ACCOUNT is compulsory to trade in shares.
    • To apply in IPO a BO account is needed
    • BO account can only be opened through a Depository Participant DP

    Benefits of BO Account

    • Shares are credited to your BO account in a demat form. No physical handling of shares is needed.
    • All bonus and rights issues are credited to your account automatically

    Dematerialisation& Re-materialisation Facilities

    Benefits of Dematerialisation:

    Transacting the depository way has several advantages over the traditional system of transacting using share certificates.

    Some of the benefits are:

    • Trading in Demat segment completely eliminates the risk of bad deliveries, which in turn eliminates all cost and wastage of time associated with follow up for rectification.
    • You can avoid the cost of courier/ notarization/ the need for further follow-up with your broker for shares returned due to company objection.
    • You can also receive your bonuses and rights into your depository account as a direct credit, thus eliminating risk of loss in transit.
    • The speed of transaction is very fast.
    • The clients can now do their transactions on the Internet also.

    And many more……

  3. Research Service

    Our investment research is done with one goal in mind: to help our clients achieve superior returns on a relative and absolute basis – while managing risk. We meet the needs of our clients in all aspects of due diligence (business plan validation, technological feasibility, market growth assumptions, pricing assumptions, competitive response, risk-analysis, etc.), investment idea generation, opportunity analysis, market monitoring, financial analysis, growth consulting, proprietary deal flow, financial industry analysis, outsourcing, financial analytics, custom financial consulting, financial business intelligence, as well as financial market research and custom consulting.

    We conduct customized research projects that are tailored to the client’s needs, objectives, research, and budget, and provide innovative, practical solutions for pressing business challenges. By leveraging our expert knowledge of the financial industry and our in-house market data, AMSFSL provides an interactive analysis of client capabilities and market opportunities to develop custom consulting projects that provide a well-rounded, comprehensive view of the marketplace.

    Our Expertise:

    • A team of financial market analysts exclusively devoted to analyzing existing and emerging technologies and markets
    • Sought out for our depth and breadth of understanding and knowledge of the latest trends
    • Expansive internal resources with ongoing releases of published studies and market research
    • Consulting experience: industry and market analysts with extensive expertise
    • Business and strategy consulting experience in assessing market opportunities globally

    Specific Value for Clients

    Financial Analysis:

    • Analyze financial trends in key growth segments
    • Financial benchmarking against industry averages
    • Identify areas for internal improvement
    • Identify sources of funding

    Financial Trend Identification:

    • Identify opportunities in growth segments
    • Analyze current trends and financial implications
    • Cost structure and working capital improvement
    • Financial ratio analysis

    Merger & Acquisition Support:

    • Business Plan validation
    • Analysis of all top-line assumptions
    • Proprietary investment ideas
    • Specific company identification
    • Due diligence support
    • Valuation and historical transaction analysis
    • Shareholders’ value creation
    • Post-merger performance metrics

    Financial Analyst Access and Briefings:

    • Direct access to financial analysts monitoring the markets fosters interactive relationships
    • Continually updated research presented on a regular basis ensures the relevance and value
    • Maximize analyst contact and touch
    • Frequent public and private analyst briefings
    • Global analysts provide “on the ground” support

    Trend Identification:

    • Identification of growth areas
    • Sector themes and investment ideas
    • Identification of the best ways to play emerging trends
    • Investment strategy based on trend analysis

    Specific Investment Ideas:

    • Specific company identification
    • Proprietary investment ideas
    • Coverage of both public and private companies
    • Customized investment ideas for all stages of the investment cycle: venture start-up to late-stage buy-out
    • Equity analysis for institutional investors and hedge funds

    Financial Framework for Analysis:

    • Industry comparables and valuation
    • Financial ratio analysis
    • Portfolio company benchmarking
    • Portfolio company monitoring
    • Exit or realization strategies
  4. Margin Facility

    A Margin Loan is a simple and easy way to open up a wealth of opportunities. As a nominated broker of Trust Bank and Exim Bank, client can avail Margin Loan Facilities. Our clients can leverage an existing portfolio or create a new investment portfolio to help meet your wealth creation goals.