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About AM Bran Oil:

AM Bran Oil Company Ltd. was established in 2014 with a vision to provide the Most Healthy and Heart Friendly edible oil labeled as “Nature Fresh Rice Bran Oil” to its consumers. Our objective is to serve both retail and institutional clients as demand for such antioxidant-rich rice bran oil is rising exponentially on the back of increased health consciousness among every sector. Our product range includes Refined Oil, Crude Oil and DORB etc. Not just local markets we are also eyeing on the export markets. By ensuring quality, consistency and reliability, we aim to be the leading market player in production and marketing of our Nature Fresh Rice Bran Oil.

Abdul Monem Bran Oil Company Limited is presenting heart –friendly “Nature Fresh” Rice Bran Oil – extracted from nature and full of natural health nutrients. It is processed and refined using world-class advanced technology, utmost hygiene and strict quality control to produce comprehensive healthy cooking oil.

AM Bran Oil Company’s mission is to produce and promote the best quality Rice Bran oil for successfully reaching every corner of home & aboard to uphold the cause of health & nutrition.



Our vision is to be the globally recognized Bangladeshi company producing and promoting the best quality Rice Bran oil by adopting environment friendly technology, building trust and healthy relations with our customers, employees, investors, government and society as a whole.


Facts You May Like About this Cooking Oil

In addition to the goodness of rice it also comes with long shelf life which promotes healthy lipid levels and an incredible advancement in cardiovascular nutrition. It contains:


  • Gamma Oryzanol: Helps to reduces bad Cholesterol
  • Antiulcertive property : Gives relief from gastric trouble
  • Tocotrienols & Phytostrerols: Anti-cancer properties.
  • Improve insulin sensitivity of diabetic patients.
  • Vitamin E – Prevents chronic disease
  • Squalene – Improves skin tone and delays wrinkle formation
  • Balanced PUFA/MUFA ratio: Cleaner blood vessels.
  • Balanced Fatty Acids: Balanced nutrition, balanced health.
  • Natural antioxidants: Protection against diseases.
  • Ferulic acid: Stimulates hormonal secretion, rejuvenates health.
  • Low oil absorption: Healthier food


Applications of Rice Bran Oil:


Nature Fresh Rice Bran Oil is truly “The Healthiest” edible oil as it contains necessary vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and is trans-fat free. The viscosity of our oil is very light and is bland. Food cooked with it absorbs less oil which results in reduced calories, better and lighter tasting food, enhanced flavor and palatability. Less oil absorbed also makes it more economical. Our oil is incredible for frying, as salad dressing, baking, dipping, etc. Thus it serves as a key ingredient in food preparation


  • Frying: Our oil possesses higher smoking point, good storage stability and fry life without hydrogenation.
  • Snacks: It can be used as a natural antioxidant source for topically coating a wide range of products such as crackers, nuts, and similar snacks to extend shelf life.
  • Margarine: Due to its pleasant flavor and natural tendency to form a stable ß’ crystal lattice combined with an intermediate palmitic acid content, our oil can be used in margarine.
  • Salad Dressing: Our oil has a light, barely perceptible flavor ideal for salad dressing.
  • Baking: As our oil is light and flavor delicate, the baking item made with it turn out to be delicious.
  • Others: It can also be used as an ingredient of soap, skin creams, massage oil, etc.


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