Ready Mix Concrete (RMC):

With a daily production capacity of 8,000 CFT, we produce the followings strength of ready mix concrete (Cube Crushing Strength):

  • (15 MPa) – 2200 psi
  • (20 MPa) – 2900 psi
  • (25 MPa) – 3625 psi
  • (30 MPa) – 4350 psi
  • (35 MPa) – 5075 psi
  • (40 MPa) – 5800 psi

PQC and RCC Road Work:

The term PQC is Pavement Quality Concrete, is used for construction of Road Section like Bazar, Toll Plaza, and Factory Road where heavy loaded vehicles stopped and get accelerated to move forward with an impact. PQC is very useful in Bangladesh in terms of high temperature in day time. Now a days, PQC is a modern concept to adopt in building road where no reinforcement is used except dowel bar and tie bar, give it’s life not less than 25 years.

Besides PQC, we can conduct RCC pavement construction work as total solution of your factory road construction from Our Ready Mix Concrete Unit, Meghna Ghat.