Abdul Monem Ready Mix Concrete unit

Abdul Monem Ready Mix Concrete unit

We all know that cement concrete product is a integral part of any civil construction project and Ready mix concrete is a modern technology to prepare cement concrete in a dedicated yard and delivery to a certain distance keeping its quality same as fresh concrete. That has introduced in Bangladesh at 1991.

Concrete technology is a vast technology in terms of its behavior against dissimilar mixing of coarse and fine aggregate, cement materials for different grades in different weather condition. We, Abdul Monem Ltd. has a long period of civil construction experience, has been faced a lot of difficulties to produce quality products in different projects. Cement concrete, Asphalt concrete had have our common practiced items in our long journey in the construction industry of Bangladesh.

Taking into account of experience of difference projects completion, a team is formed to give better products to nearby factories, industries from a environmental friendly facilities, situated at the bank of Meghna River, East side of Meghna Bridge on Dhaka – Chittagong Road.

The goal to established 2nd unit of Ready mix concrete unit besides our 1st unit of RMC at Mohammadpur, Dhaka, to share our gathered experience to the clients in quality concrete product, ensuring better environment in client’s construction premises and no risk in buying client desired products regarding concrete from us. On the other end, we will create technical job employment opportunities for future young generation for their prosperous life, ensuring a proper in house training by the experienced team.